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12" Front KLX motard wheel

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I built a 12 inch front wheel to try racing at a local kart track. I didn't like it so I swaped back over to dirt wheels. Its a 12x1.6 Black wheel with Bucanan HD spokes laced to a stock KLX hub. Wheel was only used for a few races. Comes with bearings and everything needed for the swap. Buy two 12" tires and your ready for motard. Cost me around $300 to build, I'll take $175 shipped for it. If your interested, shoot me a e-mail at [email protected]. I accept paypal and money orders.


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Just have to ask, how did you not love the indoor riding? I got into it last year with some friends and it's a blast. I would just think living in Maine that any riding you can do in the winter is good.
If you would have sold it to me for $150 a week ago you would have it sold. Wouldn't buy it from you for $100 now. Stock hub won't fit my forks. Would have to put a Marzocchi front hub on it
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