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110 part out...

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110 part parts updated

New parts added with pics. FiveO seat white. Etc..

I have the following for sale ....

Trail Bikes 134 basic bore. (cylinder,Piston,Rings) Runs perfect no problems 60 obo

Stock head off a 03 KLX: 55 obo

Stock rear wheel (Complete with rear brake system drum and all): SOLD

brand new Renthal 37t Sprocket (KLX110): SOLD

Stock Kick Starter (with rubber): 20 obo

Brand New Outlaw racing Chain guide: SOLD!

Clutch cover (Black): 20 obo

Stock Carb off a 03' KLX good condition: 20 obo

Stock Swingarm (black) 15 obo

Brand New Chain (Black) Never used but cut and put on bike: 5 obo

Stock Skid Plate: SOLD


Full font Brake assembly (Pads, line, perch, lever, everything) 15

Stock Foot Peg Mounts: 10

Custom Five O all white Tall Seat 65 shipped

Tring to clear all this stuff out...

All prices do not include shipping or paypal fees... email me with any questions or if you need pics.. [email protected]

Got some other stuff laying around and will add it but this is it for now
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is the black swinger, PC'ed, painted? And what kind of condition is it in?
I pmed you. need to see the wheel and sproket
pics will be up this morning..
I've bought from chad487 before. Good seller - very fair, and package arrived quickly.
I need pics of the carb. And ASAP, I need a carb very fast.Does it have the spring, slide, and cap and everything?
yah i the need a chain guide too, if he dosnt buy it ^^
sorry now they are...


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Yup comes with everything...

stunt-ur said:
I need pics of the carb. And ASAP, I need a carb very fast.Does it have the spring, slide, and cap and everything?
also have the stock footpeg mounts and Front Brake assembly off the klx (Stock) Lever and all for 20 shipped... let me know... stuff is going fast....
seat pics up


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what shape is the seat in if its good ill take it
the seat is in good shape.. there are a couple marks on the cover but the seat is perfect. I got it from a kid who raced vegas and no longer needed it.. thought it looked awesome but didnt match my graphics and all.. well you can see from the uploaded pics... black look a little nicer..
Thanks Chad I got the wheel and other parts just as described. A++++

but now I do not need them. I bought a complete roller if anyone needs this rear wheel setup pm me. I just want to recover my money.
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