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110 No Spark... Again

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I just got my 05 KLX 110 back from my brother recently. I rode it from 2009 - 2012 with no problems until it wouldn't get spark one day. So I opened up the side case with the stator and saw that the flywheel had deep scratch marks on it. Also the pickup was loose and moving around. So I moved the pickup a bit closer to the flywheel and put it back together and it ran fine. I gave it to my brother and he rode it "once a month for about two years". He left it outside for those two years. When he gave it back he said " It idles fine, but dies when you give is gas or try to ride it."

I found the engine dry of oil and I found that it wasn't getting spark. I replaced the CDI, Coil, and Voltage Regulator filled it with oil. Still no spark. I've been reading the forums on here. everyone says to check the neutral safety switch. The dealership cut the wires for me because they said it would give me problems if I left it hooked up. Also checked the grounds, kill switch, and the connections.

I just wanna ride my 110. Can anyone shed any light on my situation?

Bike is all stock, except for FMF Pipe and tall bars.
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Check your kill switch sometimes they can be grounding themselves because they wear out over time. See if you can find another kill switch somewhere and hook it up and see if there is spark.
Check your ground wire. Use some sand paper to give it a better connection. I had the same problem
I am having the same issues as the OP. Any update on how this turned out or got fixed? Thanks!!
You said he left it outside for two years with no oil, maybe moisture got in an the flywheel is all rusty
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