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110 help

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first off hello to all. i am a newb when it comes to mini bikes. and i have a question. how do yall get the bikes to sit higher? what are all the parts needed to do this as cheaply as possible? i keep catching pegs on the dirt and have had some bad crashes because of it and am looking to fix this problem and get a little more travel. any help would be greatly appreciated.;)
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KX60 forks, longer/stiffer shock and a HD peg mount that moves the pegs up and back.
Buy a medina clone roller (pretty much a pister pro) swap suspension to your bike, front forks are inverted, just need bearings from ncc for it to work,and have mx style swing arm that will bolt on, just fab a bracket for the new shock mount , or buy the bracket and bearings from ncc. then the bike will sit like a Pitster Pro.

i spent 600 on my front end kit alone, i believe you can get a clone for 850, pretty much a whole bike minus engine, but the parts you don't use , just sell them on here.

Or you can go the 60 forks route and new swing arm and expensive shock upgrade.
go with kx 60 forks.. hd pegs and mount... and a plus 2 swinger with stiffer shock!
do i have to have a longer swingarm? that would seriously cut cost.
no. i have a stock swingarm. I just have graphics kit

SDG Tall Seat

13 tooth front

Big Bars

Outlaw air filter

oversized pegs

jet kit

stage 2 rev box

red barron suspension
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