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I have a some parts i am not planning on using anymore. I was guna use the 65 stuff to build the rear end onto my 110 but than i got an amazing deal on a sano system. So the stuff is the same way i bought it. I am willing to do basically any trades for 110 parts. Heres a list:

110 parts

klx110 stock rear swingarm

KX65 swingarm

65 chain guide

65 rear shock

65 rear brakes

50 parts

SDG +2 speed mini frame

silver skidplate

t3 minis 38t black sproket

maybe SDG rear wheel

I also have a tippmann A-5 with some extras if anyone wants a basically brandnew paintball gun with almost everything. PM me on that
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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