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10" wheel question

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Hey everybody. I am building a mini moto and want to put 10" wheels and tires on my pitster pro x2r. I dont plan to race it and like the way the 10 look better than the 12. I am wondering who makes wheels that will fit my bike. I am fairly new to the pitbike thing so any help would be great.
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Get 2.15"X10" wide Cyclone rims and the proper length spokes.........:cool:
If I did that would I have to lace them myself or would they come with the hubs already installed. Some more info would be helpful. I am surprised I only got one answer on this.
cyclone rims used to be distributed our of a place in Fla?

They might be belly up?

You can try Home Cam has built more mini road race wheels than just about anyone............ :)

There are very few people here any more that actually race minis on pavement..........
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I raced the 10's all last season. We used 10x1.85 and they worked great with the Sava MC0's
I just bought some 2.15x 10" rims on ebay from cyclonerims just recently..(the quality seems to be getting better too)
I'm running indoors this winter and plan on running on pavement this summer. I just hope that my 155 kit with a 4spd will be enough to stay with the pack. I'll likely run some

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