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Ryan Can you be my sponsor lol, great job man that thing looks absolutely amazing. Which cam did you decide to go with to spin that tine 10inch wheel in the back???

BTW could you send me some pics of that old style super head piston you have? There are two different styles Like I said in FP's tak 50mm crank forsale thread but I'm hoping you might have the one of the old style pistons that look big and ugly LOL which is the one I need. If you could put it on a micrometer that would be mint, top of the pin to top deck of the "not to the top of the dome of the piston though just to the side" should be like

10.5mm if its the 1mm taller piston it will be like 11.5mm and will be a no go for me since it would sit a 1mm out of my cylinder and that would do me no good lol. My 88 motor is in super need of a rebuild I put it in my scoot and have put like over 3,000 miles on it this summer.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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