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10" crf70 just finished

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all i can say is WOW!!!!!!:eek:
love them hyper wheels, bike looks so good.
Yeah man, bike is bad. Rear wheel is cool, I like the 3# kickstand idea too. gonna need some "private time" after seeing that thing...brb ;)

NICE work bro!! How about a parts list for us?
looks nice man,, that thing will handle awesome for sure,,, mine did with my 10/12 wheels...
Thanks for the comments! I can't wait to give it the first ride at the Masters of Mini race @ Marshfied. I built it for the Modified class (88cc) 10" rear wheel.

Here's the parts list:

Slowracer frame

Reeg Mx swingarm

Elka shock

Marzocchi forks

BBR front wheel, billet hub

BBR front brake kit

Takegawa 88cc Superhead +R

Takegawa Special clutch

Hyper rear wheel

Works Connection clutch lever

09 CRF70 OEM plastics and seat

Fastway pegs

Reeg MX brake pedal

Light Speed carbon ignition cover

Light Speed carbon skid plate

Fly racing billet kill switch

CHP exhaust

Hammerhead shifter

Renthal Fatbars

Skunkwerx gas cap

Vortex sprocket

DID chain

Sano throttle
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Sweet! To bad it dosent have the matching front wheel. then it'd be super sweet!
knucklehead459 said:
looks good i really miss mine:(
says your collarbone
Sick bike man. I cant wait to see this on the track!
Hey if you dont mind, where could I pick up a wheel like that? I tryd to google, no luck
the company still makes quad wheels, but no more minibike wheels. My friend has a matching 10" set he would part with for the right price. pm me if you're serious about buying them.
i got a boner when i saw this machine at marshfield, can't wait to see it run at milford!
COPIER! lol J/K awesome build!!! I want it would look great next to my 12in build..... got my wheels turning.....
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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