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07 klx110 spark issues please help confused as can be!!!

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ok finally got my 110 back up and running after having to replace the cases, while i was at it i added 4th gear and got the output shaft w/1st gear. But before this (before i ripped the foot pegs out of the case) the spark was being splotchy at times but never really caused an issue. now that its back together I'm getting rare spark, at times it will get spark, other times nothing at all but no real weak spark when it decides to spark. what could cause this? i am literally stumped. i checked the only ground that i know about (where the coil bolts to the frame).

things I've checked:
New spark plug
kill switch
cdi box
any fraying in the wiring harness (came up with nothing).


appreciate it guys,
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Thank you I will try that!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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