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06 ttr 50

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Trying to sell my ttr that i have had for 2 months and looking to get rid of the bike was all stock i have done all the mods my self and can assure that the bike is in running condition and is ready to ride he is a list of parts and prices so you know what you are buying

gytr full exhust-$283.95

gytr wider foot pegs-$115.95

gytr peg bracket-$94.95

gytr skid plate-$73.95

gytr grapix kit-$57.95

gytr valve cover-$45.95

gytr cam cover-$41.95

gytr jet kit-$35.95

gytr magnetic drain plug-$19.95

gytr air filter-$19.95

bbr 7" handle bar kit-$229.95

new battery-$110.99

two brothers fork springs-$49.99

two brothers rear shock spring-$49.99

kenda millvill front tire-$39.99

kenda millville rear tire-$39.99

i have all the recepits for most of the parts and have the title in hand,these are all new prices, please fill free to e-mail me or call at 817-726-5601 ask for nick


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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