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2005 CRF50 for sale. Just bought it locally 2 days ago thinking I was going to be able to get into 50 stunting. I ride streetbikes and this looked SWEET! Im 6'4 280lbs and I sat on it once and it bottomed out, I looked online for a new rear shock and its like $300 for a shock that would hold my weight. I bought the bike for $1600 so I just need to get back what I paid for it, not looking to make money, I already lost enough ordering parts for this thing that I havent even used. I need to sell because Im not going to be getting a new shock, and theres no way i can ride this thing.. my ass is just too wide! haha

Heres what it has on it now:

BBR SP-5 Fork kit $419.99

New updated HEAVY DUTY springs

New Heavy duty seals

ordered the Forks with 30 weight fork oil for a stiffer front end (stock comes with very thin fluid)

BBR Bars $90

Two Bros Skid plate $80

Two Bros racing rear sprocket $50

IMS Extended folding shifter $35

Oversized Foot pegs $129.98

One Industries Tall seat $99

Skin Industries THUG Graphics HOT! $68

White Brothers Exhaust $249.99

Two Bros Gas cap $25.99

Heavy duty rear wheel $99.98

heavy duty read wheel spokes $59.98

New white plastics $100

2" extended rear Swingarm

CRF70 shock


Bikes located in MA now, but im all over the NE alot. I can meet up if need be


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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