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04 CRF50 fs

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04 CRF50 For sale...$1250.00

Pro Taper bar kit

BBR Pipe

Applied Spring

Applied folding shifter

Shinko Tires

Five o F4 pegs

Chrome blue Plastics

Air Filter

Takegawa CDI box

Takegawa Intake Breather Pipe for intake valve cover

Also have all stock parts bike has about 4 hours trial riding time, never has been raced or jumped. I live in Oceanside California i can be reached at [email protected] or called at 760-458-6334
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I'll buy this in a hot second, if you can meet me in the bay area. I live in Reno and you live in Socal, so that's about halfway. I can meet you in SF. LMK :wink:
halfway!!! u crazy


cani get pics of it?? i might be interested.....
hey u have the same area code as me :)
ya that 760 is a funny area code, goes from victorville around riverside and san bernadino area to like palm springs area then goes all the way to oceanside and escondido area, weird shit, Its all about the 951 tho 8)
i'll post pics as soon as i can get my hands on a digi cam
Okay guys her are the pics my boy uploaded them to his site for me if anyone is interested shoot me an e mail at [email protected] its still for sale $1200 here is the link to the pics

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No one???? this is a good deal, ill even throw in a brand new pack of wife beaters :D

hey, ide buy it quikstatus if i didnt just spend all my $$$ on my but if i come up on 12bills ill let u know, maybe if its still around in a few weeks ...but i doubt it will take that long 2 sell...o well
Will you ship? If so, I'd be really interested.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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