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03 xr50 motor f/s

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motor is complete used for 2 months and got a rc86.looking to get 350$ I have wiring and shifter.
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Where are you located?(state)
that motor was hardly riden at all. he bought a lifan motor. just to back him up the motor is in tip top shape and has only had a little over a months worth of riding on it.motor has never been taken apart and does include the wiring harness and if needed. this is a steal considering two brothers wants 400 for just the cases. also this is only an offer to california residents because we want to deliver the motor in person so that if the purchaser has any problems we can handle it quickly(i am a honda dealer). but we highly doubt anybody would have any problems. get it while you can cause im already speaking with a few customers about this motor and would prefer to help out a fellow planet minis member.
hey man....r u going to the races this weekend??

if you are then just bring it with you...ill take it.....i made up my mind.

hit me up. [email protected]

or AIM mateo BDB
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motor is not for sale any longer. my piece of $hit rc86s tranny blew up agaian. this time it tore up the cases :cry:
talk to Vince, maybe he might be able to help you out with that motor since this is the second time its happened
ha, vince hasent been there in like 4 months. :cry:
Have you called him?
blz419 said:
ha, vince hasent been there in like 4 months. :cry:
i know vince and jonthan know there $hit when it comes to those motors.
so why don't you call him up see whats up. his phone number is on his site,I'm sure you can work something out with him www.rcmxsports.ocm
i live right buy rc well kinda i just picked up my motor from there, in like 5 bags and 2 boxes .
blz where in riverside are you? I'm in woodcrest area.
of 60 freeway pigion pass, at star west all the time.
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