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  1. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Before the GROM was cool with it's 125cc motor and it's 5 speed trans, there was the ZB50! I never thought I'd own one, frankly, I thought they were kinda lame. Sometimes, opportunities arise and it's hard to say no. I'm currently working to get this thing shipped from CA to GA. It hasn't...
  2. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes Thought I would share
  3. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    Hi there! If any of you know someone who wanted to sell their ZB50's, I might be interested. I am a Shriner and we ride ZB50's in parades. Currently my unit has 13 of them in perfect running order but we could always use another one. If you want to make sure the bike goes to a good home, I...
  4. Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Brand New Honda ZB50 $4550 (OBO) I am selling a very collectable Honda ZB50. This bike is brand new! It has never had gas in the tank; the 2.4 miles are from rolling it around. Minor nick in tank - see photo. The bike is on an MSO and includes the manufactures warranty card. We are located in...
  5. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Iam in need of a speedometer/headlight bracket for my ZB, like the black one shown in the photos. If anyone has got one for sale please let me know. Regards, Con.
  6. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    I need your help, to decide on what aftermarket exhaust to use on my ZB project. The engine is Lifan 125, and my budget is 150-200$. Any help would be appreciated!! Regard's, Con
  7. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Anybody knows if any of these exhaust would fit a Honda ZB with a lifan 110 cc engine?? They sure fit Monkey/Gorilla.
  8. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Anyone has a ZB50 break pedal for sale?? Or any alternative i can use? Thank's Con.
  9. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Hello guys! Today I have bought my first ever honda monkey bike after loving honda mopeds (pc50 pf50 p50 and ps50) for quite some time. In the end my new purchase was between a ZB50 with a 110cc engine or a typical ss50. The zb50 tipped the ss50 just, probably because i'd never seen one...
  10. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Hi, Im new to Monkey bikes and have a few questions if someone could help?? First i have 3 outlets on my fuel tank and have no idea where they go?? Same as fuel tap?? (I am used to Single fuel lines). Second thing is does pit bike exhausts fit as I can get a 28mm bore cheap?? Third is my rear...
  11. Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    I found a ZB50 with 179 miles in a barn, the kid didn't learn to ride- he learned to fall down... running great now but the bike is beat up, needs tank and back rack has turn signal arm broken off and missing, I would like to put this puppy back stock and not do a lot of paint work. also other...
1-11 of 11 Results