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  1. '87 Z50R Modification

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    A couple questions regarding my '87 z50r build... I've ordered the parts listed/pictured below, and I'm planning on ordering a piranha 140 engine as well. 1. Other than a clutch lever/cable and chain guide, am I missing any necessary parts? 2. What exhaust would you recommend? 3. Can I still...
  2. Seat pan and foam off 87 z50r

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    I have an original seat pan and foam off one of my 87s that I am wanting to sell but I can't find comparable ones to price it right. Pan is decent shape, as is foam. $100 is what I am thinking but I'm open to any suggestions on pricing and/or reasonable offers, thx. Phx AZ [email protected]
  3. Disk Brake on a Z50R w/ Suspension upgrade.

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    Howdy. Hopefully I've come to the right place with all these questions of mine. I am currently building a 1995 Z50R with a KLX110 fork upgrade, +3" swingarm extension, and (possibly) a 140cc Piranha engine. At this point, I am starting to think about brakes. With a 140cc engine, I feel like...
  4. TBolt HD auto clutch problems

    Honda CRF70 If your clutch drags or is engaging right at idle, read this.
  5. 1984 z50r Build Questions

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    Hey all, I'm brand new to this so any tips would be great! So far all I've done to my z50 is taller handlebars, heavier rear suspension and new front springs. Along with the TB 88cc stage 1 bore kit. I would like to get just a little bit more power and torque from her. My thought was to upgrade...
  6. 1979 Z50R Rear Wheel Assembly Install

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    Can anyone help me understand what/where #15 (8mm hex nut) is/goes? My collar (#2 in schematic) goes straight against against the inside of the swing arm. I don't have an 8mm nut in my setup??? When I install my rear wheel, in order to tighten the self locking 12mm nut (#16 in schematic) it...
  7. Where can i get a 98' Z50r 3 bolt hub

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    looked everywhere but everything I am finding is for a 4 bolt rim. My current hub's sprocket studs are stripped and after a failed attempt at fixing them i believe i am in need of a new hub. any suggestions where i should look?
  8. 3 Bolt rims with hubs.

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    I went with a 4 bolt set up instead, that's the only reason for going away from these. Rims: Half of 1 rim is separated, you'll have to take a grinder to the steel band to get the others out. It's not fun, but it works. That's how I got that half out. They look true, but I can't confirm. I got...
  9. Can't find any z50r stock wheels?!?!! help

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    I have an 86 z50r and it came with a front wheel off of a ct70 with a rear brake drum attached. So I have been looking for a front wheel that comes with brake drum and have had no luck so far. This is a budget build and I don't want new red wheelsets which is the only thing I i have been able to...
  10. 1992 "I can't have nice things" Z50R Restomod.

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    So, my vision was to buy and flip. Minimum amount of money and elbow grease and get rid of it..but things changes, feelings develop and now here I am. I bought this heap off CL for $100. From the pictures (which I wish I had), it didn't look all that bad. When I picked it up, I looked over it...
  11. FS/FT: 1993 Z50R with title- $750 (Colorado)

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    1993 Z50R with title- $700 (Colorado) SOLD I have a 1993 Honda Z50R, I am the second owner and I have the title for this bike. While I owned the bike, it was never left outside. The bike is bone stock. It has very very light surface rust and is 99% complete (missing front number plate). The...
  12. 91' Z140R mono shock

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    I decided to build my stock 91 Z50r. I picked up a Piranha 140 complete engine setup, TB klx triple, klx forks and had a parts china bike laying around. I like projects, so I figured Id convert the Z to a single rear shock. I had a swingarm that was a +3 compared to the stock Z50. So I modified...
  13. 1980 Z50R paint??

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    Hello to all! I'm in the process of resurrecting my son's old Z50R so his daughter and son can enjoy it, as well as Dad and Grandpa. I've got the mechanicals pretty well sorted out (or maybe I'm delusional, and I have learned bad gas in a tank for years is a PITA to remedy), and now it's to the...
  14. Z50 wanted

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    Wanted to Buy Honda Z50 1980's or 1990's Good Running Condition Original and Complete Pittsburgh PA (South Hills ) Please contact HondaRedRider Thanks
  15. broken ignitor mount

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    I have a 1997 Honda z50R. The chain broke and jammed up around the counter sprocket. It broke the lug that the cdi ignitor bolts into. Does anyone know a fix for this without replacing the left case half? I would really like to have this one running again. Thanks, Volks
  16. Front engine head air breather - oil catch hose?

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    Whats up everyone. I have a question im unsure of and am trying to figure out. Am I able to put a cylinder head cover with breather pipe on and connect a oil catch to it instead of just leaving the head cover breather on its own, does anyone know? Thanks. (= 1979 Honda Z50R (125CC Lifan Engine)
  17. MINT Honda Z50R Fuel Tank and Seat NOS 1993

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    Here is a Mint 1993 Honda Z50R seat and tank. $350 for the seat and $450 for the tank. E-mail for more info or to purchase - [email protected]
  18. FS: NOS 1996 Honda Z50R Fuel Tank MINT CONDITION!!!

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    Here is a 1996 Honda Z50R Fuel tank. It's in brand new condition - fresh out of the box. It's never had fuel in it. Absolutely perfect! These things are long discontinued! Get it while it lasts! $425 plus actual shipping cost. e-mail: [email protected] if interested
  19. 1997 z50 build ideas

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    This bike is mainly for dirt. I've searched for forks and I can't really find anything besides getting extended fork tubes that's not tons of $.As for the swinger i don't know what would be better a 1.5 inch 2 or 3 inch? I under stand how the shock length has to pair with which ever swinger...
  20. WTB: 1991 Z50R muffler

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    I need a muffler assembly that is in better shape than mine so I can ride this bike around enough to determine what my future course is . . . restore, make presentable, or part out. dav3id at bellsouth dot net