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  1. Honda CRF70
    Just installed a kx60 swinger and xr80 forks, was wondering what cables and chain to use. Thank you
  2. Honda CRF70
    Xr70 with a piranha 125, dnm 350 lbs rear shock, pro taper bars, 50 caliber racing tall seat and crf70 tank, billetware peg mount and super wide pegs, fmf pipe. Full crf plastics and seat, custom subframe to bolt on crf stuff. Bbr springs in the forks.
  3. Honda CRF70
    Does anyone know of a mx style swing arm that would fit a stock xr70? Im looking to upgrade the forks to xr80 and want to also get a longer swingarm. I know how to weld and fabricate stuff aswell. I saw that a kx60 swinger would fit but i think its too long.
  4. Honda CRF70
    Building an xr70, what do I need to do to make the subframe work with a crf seat and plastics, know its been done, already know I need to move some mounts around as it is.
  5. Honda CRF70 If your clutch drags or is engaging right at idle, read this.
  6. Honda CRF70
    I'm trying to convert my 2001 XR70 back to stock from the "mini chopper" conversion i did 10+ years back when this thing was my pit bike. My son is turning 5 so you know where I'm going with this! Can't seem to find the plastics anywhere... I have the tank and tank shrouds, found a stock '03...
  7. Honda CRF70
    Any one know where to get 2002 XR70R plastics? I need gas tank shrouds. Cant seem to find them anywhere, and do not want to convert over to CRF parts.
  8. Honda CRF70
    i have the stock carb off of my 99 xr70r and im looking for a cheap replacement will the carbs on amazon work there 48mm bolt and 22mm on the intake side there are even some that are 19mm. part# from the carb i have is pb12h a thanks for the help
  9. Honda CRF70
    Got a Jetmoto 125 engine from a friend. will the top end from the 125 fit on the bottom of the xr70? also, I put a foam filter on the xr70, stock everything else. should i rejet or lower or raise the needle? bike is slow to rev and lacks power at low rpms. Thanks for the help!
  10. Honda CRF70
    Hi everyone, I have read just about every suspension thread I could find and am still needing some key information. I have an xr70. I would like to bolt on a front end kit with forks that have somewhere around 7-8 inches of travel. Can 110 gpx kits easily bolt on to a 70? how could I make it...
  11. Honda CRF70
    Hello everyone. Recently purchased a 2005 CRF70 for 100$. The guy told me it has been sitting for a while so I did the normal maintenance by cleaning the gas tank, petcock, carb,air filter, Put in some new oil and fresh gas, even put on a new carb. I am not sure why but I am getting no spark at...
  12. Honda CRF70
    Hi. I just picked up a 97 xr70 ..Im wondering if there is a factory swingarm that will fit to give me 2 or 3 inch extention? Sorry if this has been covered before! Thanks Guys
  13. Honda CRF70
    Hey people, i bought a xr70 a few months ago and i have put a couple parts on it, So one day i went to start it, and it would barely idle, I would have to have the choke on it just to start it and have the choke on for 5 minutes just to get it warmed up enough so it dosent stall out, And when...
  14. Honda CRF70
    Hey guysss, Im trying to build up my 70 here and im on a budget, does anyone have stiff fork springs for a good deal? I dont care what brand but for a good price ill buy them-Thankss
  15. Honda CRF70
    Hey guys, i had a leaky fork oil seal on my xr70 and i am going to replace it, and I said i mine as well change the fork oil in the forks. Does anyone know what kind of fork oil and how much i should use? :o
  16. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    I am looking for a used xr70 pipe. Please let me know if you have one for sale- Thanks
  17. Honda CRF70
    I just recently ordered a 19mm carb for my 70, but my stock throttle cable doesnt work. Do you think a 20mm carb cable will be fine on a 19mm carb? I dont think a millimeter matters, but i would rather ask before i buy.
  18. Honda CRF70
    I was thinking on ordering a 22mm carb for my stock xr70. I was just wondering what else i would have to change to have the new carb on. Obviously i would have to get a new air filter. But is there anything else i would need?:confused:
  19. Honda CRF70
    Hey this question has probably already been asked on here but, does anyone know if the crf70 front number plate and front fender will fit on a 01' xr70r. And if so has anyone done it?.
  20. Honda CRF70
    Hi, Today i was trail riding my 70 and all of a sudden i look down and i am leaking tons of gas out of my black overflow tube from the bottom left of the motor. I turned the gas off and pushed it home. When i turned the gas back on its gushing again. Im not sure what it is? Is the float getting...
1-20 of 22 Results