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  1. California Pit bike races?

    Mini Bike Events
    Wondering if anyone knows of any mini races going on in Cali? Or if anyone has a track near Bakersfield for people to come ride
  2. Lets see your riding vids!!!!

    Roost Area
    The us has a massive minibike scene so lets see your home riding vids!!! Braaaaaaaaaaap
  3. Tom's Track fast 50

    Roost Area
    Hey guys sorry if this is posted in the wrong section :) kinda new here. thought i would just post a quick video of my track. the track will be getting alot of work done in the next few weeks ill try keep you update :) Please like, comment and subscribe if you like the content!
  4. Building Mini Moto SX

    General Event Talk
    hey im thinking about building a mini moto sx track out here in La Costa near Encinitas, California.... i have a nice peice of land and perfect dirt but i need to get a group of people together to help me build it, then we can maybe hold some events or riding sessions out here, what do you guys...