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  1. KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    08 Klx built to a 194cc. I broke the output shaft split the cases got it all back together bike ran great then woodruff key fell out It was stuck to the inside of the flywheel. Pulled it all back apart torqued flywheel to spec. & Put it at tdc on flywheel and cam sprocket checked the valves...
  2. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    when i put the flywheel to T the cam sprocket lines up with the notch at 9 o'clock but when i let go of the flywheel it moves to F every time. any ideas? p.s bike runs like s**t
  3. Scooter Forum
    I bought a 2012 150cc Vespa wannnbe that had never been ridden. The motor was used in another scooter that the guy had blown the motor in. So the blown motor was "Rebuilt" and put in mine. The scooter guy never finished putting the bike back together and over the next 3 years, parts just kept...
1-3 of 3 Results