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  1. Introductions
    whats up guys new here on the forum and new to the minimoto world. Spent the last few years on 250s and ltr450 but been wanting a pitbike for a while and after always riding my buddies i decided to buy a brand new klx110l. So far i Love it! ive put on the bbr u-flow, pro circuit t-4, and pro...
  2. Motopeds
    I am working on a 110cc e-start motoped, its wired up. But I am wondering what anyone else has done about where an how to mount the battery? Help!! Cheers guys!! also this is my first post:D anything is much apreciated
  3. Local Ride Days
    Trying to see who all is in the socal area with pitbikes down to ride in the hills / at the track I have a few buddy's I go with but never hurts to meet some new riding friends I'm from the corona riverside area let me know who is down and we can exchange contact info and we can meet up and ride
1-3 of 4 Results