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  1. Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    I have a 83' passport, and I was shopping for new wheels. There's a company called kepspeed that is selling 1.6 front and 1.85 rear rims, the stock size is 1.2 and 1.4 width rims. I have 2 tires, one 2.25 and one 2.50. I found a chart that says 2.50 will fit on a 1.6 rim and the smallest size...
  2. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    Hey guys, just picked up a 2005 CRF70 last night for $600. Not sure if I got ripped but I like the bike and it runs strong. It does however have 11 broken spokes. I can't seem to find a rim for this thing anywhere. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    Iam looking for a BBR rear wheel hub for a MM12P. Or a klx110 disc brake hub. Or anyone know anything else fit??? Please help Thanks
  4. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    Im looking for a set of wheels to set up my klx110 as an sm. but i dont want to have to change tires. i mainly just need the front hub/rotor for the kx65. i'll be having a new, smaller rim put on that hub. and im also looking for a complete rear wheel for a klx110. tire not necessary. im just...
  5. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    I am getting an x2 140 and I am considering swapping the 10/12 wheel setup for a 12/14.. is this possible? I am new to this mini world!!
  6. CRF50/CRF70 Parts For Sale
    Wheel on the left ONLY! Only the front is for sale! Fast 50s red front 10" rim, Buchannon HD spokes, and stock Honda hub. Some fading on rim. The front had a spot where the brake caliper had rubbed the rim and took some of the anodizing off. I started doing a "polished lip" on it, but decided to...
  7. KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale
    i have an almost new paddle tire on a black powder coated rim with a red hub. The tire was put on with a new tube and rode around my yard when there was a few inches of snow. The rim is true and not bent but the powder coat is chipping. $80 shipped
  8. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    Im looking for a wheel set for my ttr 110. PW 80 and TTR 90 wheels will also work. additionally I believe KLX 110, Suzuki 110, and Honda 70/80 wheels will work if the brake parts are included. Wheels must be drum brake only. Looking for either a 12" rear and 14" front or both 12" wheels...
  9. Roost Area
    I found this tire and rim and I do not know who makes it or what bike it is for and was hoping someone might know by taking a look at the photos at the links below. I can tell you the tire is made by Kings Tire and is labeled 2.75-10 and Rim: 1.75 with a maximum load of 282 pounds and is a tube...
1-9 of 9 Results