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  1. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    Hello everyone I am looking for any Red Baron, bbr, or Sano suspension parts I’m also looking for Red Baron or Sano frame, GYTR kick start kit, and any GYTR, Sano, Red Baron, or BBR dress up kit parts. I know these parts are hard to come by!
  2. CRF50
    hi a couple of years ago I came across a Red Baron chromoly frame and an a-frame type swing arm that a guy I know had and I bought it for $300. now it didn't have a shock with it and I'm just wondering what size shock it is supposed to have. I've spent hours searching for info on the frame with...
  3. CRF50
    Came across this bike that I bought and although I'm new to the minibike scene I have a few KLX 110's that are on projects but I bought my first Honda for a CHEAPPp. It's not the best condition so far but I put the new plastics and graphics in while trying to clean up the crud on the engine on...
  4. CRF50
    Hey guys, Tyler here, I'm new to the forums and I've heard this is the best place to get the best pointers and find all the parts I need to get my bike where I want it to be. I've got a stock 2008 CRF50F that I just bought with less than 20 hours on the motor. It's been my dream for a long...
  5. Roost Area
    Hey, just wondering if red baron is still in business. I'm looking to buy a G3 crf50 frame if they are. Their website is functional just wondering if they are still producing items.
  6. KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    I'm running the forks mentioned in the title and the bearing in the disc-hub conversion needs to be replaced. Anyone know the exact replacement and where o get it? I've already emailed Red Baron with no reply after two attempts. Thanks.
  7. CRF50/CRF70 Parts For Sale
    **SOLD** Selling as a package deal, but would be willing to split up. I paid $35 for the tire. It was literally run no more than 5 minutes on loose dirt. You will still think it's new. The swingarm is in good shape. I do have the black billet adjustor blocks included as well. I can...
1-7 of 7 Results