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rear shock

  1. For Sale: 10.5" FASTACE Rear Shock

    Import/Chinese Parts for Sale
    PART SOLD, Thanks for looking. I have a 10.5" Long, 3.0" Stroke FASTACE rear shock up for sale. This is off a pit bike that I snapped the frame on and am trying to part out. I am asking $45, shipped. The shock itself works great. However, it does have some spring rub on the shock body (see...
  2. SSR 125 suspension upgrade

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm looking to upgrade the suspension on my SSR 125. The stock suspension is too soft and riding on trails is a little rough. I had a few questions about what parts to buy. I weigh about 150lb for reference. For the forks I want to buy these springs from TB and use heavier fork...
  3. Stocker with iShock

    Does anyone run or have a photo of a crf50 with a rear iShock (or any aftermarket) and stock forks? I'm looking to throw one on, but wondering if I don't get extended forks as well, will it make the bike look funky?
  4. WTB 2003 XR 50 Stock Parts

    Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    I just purchased a 2003 XR50 for my daughter. It has been modified to be a pit bike for a larger person, and as such it has an aftermarket rear shock, stiff front springs, and numerous other modifications. I am looking for a stock rear shock with stock spring that is is decent working order...
  5. 04' DRZ 125L Rear Shock problems

    Bigger Minis Forum
    Hey guys so I ride a DRZ 125L, I'm still a very inexperienced rider I've gone out riding a few times just started going to the track. I've noticed my rear shock is very soft, the bike bottoms out just when I sit on it(I weigh 165lbs). So my buddy came over to try and adjust the rear shock. We...
  6. KLX frame w/ KX65 swingarm $250.00

    KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale
    Had this prof fabricated two years ago and lost interest so I never finished the build. All work was documented and have all the spec sheets and dimensions I have the frame(powder coated Blk) Swingarm with linkage, stock KX65 shock and I posted the BBR shock mount in another thread for sale...
  7. BBR Billet shock mount

    KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale
    New BBR shock mount, was building a new bike a while ago and decided to sell everything instead... its brand new and never ridden on, it was mounted on the frame and the shock was bolted to it as well. its been a long time since I've posted anything on here let alone a classified ad...