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  1. Pit bike backfire problem

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    A few weeks ago I fell of my bike While I was practice riding and then I fell while I was turning. After I turned my bike on again it started backfiring and after I checked the spark plug, it was as black as the night sky. I tried tuning the carby, not that I know how to and it still makes that...
  2. SSR SR125 weird clutch/gear noise?

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post! I recently got a new SSR SR125, got it yesterday just finished breaking it in a few hours ago. I'm not experienced with motorcycles at all so shifting gears/clutch is very new to me. When i first started riding it, i made some...
  3. 05 Honda Crf70 problem

    Honda CRF70
    I was riding it and the chain fell of of the front sprocket and i put it back on and went for a little test ride then the chain came off again and bundled up into the front sprocket and cracked the whole case and something part of the engine fell off and also the bolt is stripped so i don't know...
  4. Klx 110 spewing oil and smoke out over flow

    KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    Got a stock mod yesterday and it was running great. Had to much oil in it so the over flow was letting some out so I thought no big deal. Did like a 20 minute moto on baronas mini track and I started hear a clicking when it would rev up, and loss of power. I pulled off the track and realized the...
  5. Throttle Cable Question

    Honda CRF70
    I just recently ordered a 19mm carb for my 70, but my stock throttle cable doesnt work. Do you think a 20mm carb cable will be fine on a 19mm carb? I dont think a millimeter matters, but i would rather ask before i buy.
  6. 110 problem

    KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    I found a 110 and the person selling it said "it will only start when the choke is on and it makes a ticking noise and only you turn the choke off it bogs out" I'm interested in getting it but I need to know what this could be in terms of work I have 2 crf50s so Im pretty good at fixing them but...