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  1. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    First post of many. Hey all, looking at building a fast 160, just wondering what some common mods are to these motors to get me started? links woud be much appreciated thanks :)
  2. Import/Chinese Parts for Sale
    I have a new rear shock for sale. I mounted it on my bike but never rode it. Center of eye to center of eye 11.5" $70 with free shipping to anywhere in USA (lower 48) I accept Paypal. Text for quickest response. Email: mydecals at Location: Clearfield, Pa
  3. Pitster Pro
    Anyone know where I can find performance parts that would fit my 2012 pitster x5 140? Exhausts for example.
  4. 2 Stroke Pitbikes
    Picked up this little KTM 50 Pro SR in a trade and just started working on a full bike refresh since it was a little beat up from adults riding it and being left outside. Plans: -Full chassis disassembly and clean -Chassis and swingarm repaint -New black plastics -New seat cover -Paint engine...
1-4 of 4 Results