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pit bike

  1. Lifan engine help

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Sup fellas i recently bought a lifan zxtdr150cc oil cooled motor and i have a couple questions aboot it. The first being an oil cooler. It did not come with one so i ask is it absolutely required that i have one or does the oil pump do a sufficient job at circulating\cooling the engine by...
  2. Need help with my lights

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Need help with adding lights I have a 07 baja dr90 (china) it only had a 3 wire stator so I ordered a new magneto one that had a lighting coil, wired it to a switch and rectifier and a 18w led light bar. Now my problem is the lights only turn on and brighten up during idle when the throttle is...
  3. 19-20 CRF110 shocks

    Honda CRF110
    2020 CRF110F Guys any idea if the DNM shocks off the older bikes fit the 19-20? I heard there were minor changes to the new bikes and I don’t want to make a $150 mistake. Thanks!
  4. How big of bars can I run with stock cables?

    Honda CRF110
    I just ordered a 2020 crf110 so I don’t have it yet but I’m wonder if I can get a way with tossing some bigger bars on with out changing the cables. or if I should just go ahead and order a whole kit? And if so what kit should I order?

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Hey guys can anyone please help me iv just purchased a 2014 ycf 150 SP2 factory and I’m loving it. I’m starting my project build now and I’m wanting to get an upgraded aluminium rear sub frame will the 2016 factory SP2 sub frame fit my bike it looks identical iv compared both pics side by side...
  6. Tote goat model 600

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Have for sale a vintage tote goat I believe it a model 600 Email [email protected] Call or txt 858 7617072 San Diego Iv owned for meany years and have collected some of the parts to get it running but do not have the time or the space to continue this project, I have 250 invested in it , I’d...
  7. CRF wheels on a TTR50?

    Yamaha TTR50
    I keep destroying my spokes on my ttr50 and I have been looking for heavy duty wheels, but i cant find any. I read that people just get heavy duty wheels for crf50s and switch the hubs, but crfs have 28 spokes and ttrs have 30. Does anyone know if it would still work or maybe some other option...
  8. See the New Line of Pit Bikes from Piranha! 125, 140, and 190

    The Piranha P125-SE $1199 2017 Piranha P125-E. Piranha 125ccc engine , 4 up semi-auto transmission (no hand clutch), with electric start! Steel wheels with 80-100-12 rear and 100-60-14 Front tires, Adjustable rear suspension, billet aluminum Piranha fork clamps, 650mm inverted front forks...
  9. klx110 big bore kit

    KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale
    like new klx110 165 big bore kit used for only 10 hours then taken off before i sold the bike comes with cylinder,piston,clips,pin and brand new piston ring kit ready to be bolted onto new engine 90 obo dm or call if interested 8175222564 shipping from north texas need the the money for...
  10. Put TTR90 forks on a klx 110

    KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    Hey guys, is there a way TTR90 forks will fit on a klx 110? Both bikes have a 4.3 inch travel distance on the forks. I measured the fork that wasn't bent on my klx and got 2 foot and 11/16 of an inch. I was in a wreck with one of my friends and bent one of my forks really bad. I looked on eBay...
  11. Crf 70

    Honda CRF70
    Hi i have a 2007 crf 70 and i wanna get a complete front end for it but i dont know what is the best to use. can someone help me and tell me what would be the best? i want them to be inverted and i need it to be able to make the bike ride high
  12. CRF100/CR85/CRF150R Conversion

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    This is a very well sought after Conversion. its a 2002 CR85 with a 2006 CRF100 motor and 2012 CRF150r gas tank, seat ,sub frame and plastics. I have pictures of the entire build if a serious buyer is interested I will send them all. MOTOR Stock bottom end HD clutch springs TB 120 Big bore kit...
  13. Xr50 Clutch Help Needed!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, this is my first post here I just joined to talk with all of you because I'm having some issues. I bought a full out modded xr50. It has all the fixings on it, 70 forks billet extended swing arm 88 kit bbr bars 12 in rims and hydraulic disc brakes you name it it's got it. Anyways, the...
  14. Klx 110 dress up kits

    KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale
    I have around 46 dress up kits for KLX and DRZ 110s 14 Black 11 Red (Ran out of front sprocket guards) 10 Chrome (1 Chain Guard Left) 9 Blue (9 Chain Guards Left) $25 per kit + $8.75 Shipping (additional $5 for chain guard only in Blue and Chrome) Located in Riverside, CA If you have any...
  15. YCF pilot 150

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    This is a 2012 ycf pilot 150 pitbike that comes from France. It has extremely low hours and never riden hard. This bike is wicked fast and has nice power for a pitbike. It has a Daytona anima 150cc motor , Engi forks , real billet tripple clamps, red ycf hubs and nipples. Like new low hours...
  16. Anyone own a Pister Pro Mini Rover 125?

    Pitster Pro
    Due to some nerve damage in my legs I can no longer hike for long distances like I used to. To continue my outdoors excursions I have been considering a bike for taking to some of the trails we can ride in the state parks near me and on my own property as well. After some research I've decided...
  17. F/S 2012 lxr155r nitro circus edition

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    very nice bike. Low hours. still has stock tires on it. i have title in hand. the bike is near perfect condition. very fast and reliable needs nothing but a new home. i need the cash to finish my car build. this is the twelve edition with the dual billet oil coolers would like $1500 out of...
  18. need to know what kind of bike this is! any ideas?

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    if you have any idea they would be greatly appreciated! Need to buy parts but can't figure out what the damn thing is lol Thanks, zach
  19. Lifan 125 help?

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site. Thought I could get some answers here. I bought a pit bike. Not sure exact model or year, was told it was a lifan. I'll try to post a picture of this as well. Where do I find parts? Is there a type a honda parts that fit it? Like crf80 parts? I'd like to put...
  20. Questions about chinese bikes

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Hello, I am new to pit biking (and this forum) I was looking to buy a pit bike for about $500 used off my local craigslist. I found a 125cc pit bike for $525, the owner says it is Loncin brand. It has new brakes and things like that. Now I know loncin is a Chinese knockoff brand, but would...