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  1. Master of Minis
    As you may know the rest of the MoM ride days are canceled due to lack of riders and event planner Davo going through some tough times. My idea is to have a ride day at Rocky Hill Mx in Rocky Hill CT for Davo. This would just be a ride day but it would be awesome if I could get lots of people to...
  2. Master of Minis
    MoM 2014 Schedule June 14 - Milford Riders, CT (day practice and night event) July 19 - Thunderbowl, Charlton, MA (race/ride day with 2 night party) Aug 19 - Marshfield, MA (big fair night race) Sept 20 - Rocky Hill, CT (day race on the super track - long motos) Oct 11 - Milford Riders, CT (day...
1-2 of 2 Results