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  1. Join me as we build a C70 Passport.

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    I picked up this 1980 C70 Passport two weeks before I left for Japan, it's basically been sitting in my trailer for 3 years while I built a Monkey Baja and 3 Motocompo's in Japan. My first bike was a CT70H and I also briefly had a '82 C70 but this will be my first full build on something other...
  2. 2018 CRF110F - Like New - Built Super Stock

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Ridden twice, like new. $5500 Yoshimura Carbon Exhaust BBR Triple Clamp BBR Swingarm BBR Intake BBR 18mm Carb BBR Shock Spring BBR Fork Springs BBR Fork Damping Rods BBR Skid Plate BBR HD Spokes - front/rear Excel Takasago Rims (Black) Dunlop MX3S Tires - front/rear Renthal Gold Chain...
  3. Kawasaki KLX 110 / 155cc Mod Pit Bike w/ Supermoto & Dirt Setups

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Up for sale is my Kawasaki KLX 110 Pit Bike (actually a 155cc with the motor work). I have setups for both dirt and supermoto for it. It is an awesome, super-fast, reliable bike that is ready to ride and has a ton of nice upgrades/extras that I’ve outlined below. This bike was built from the...
  4. **2009 Kawasaki KLX 110 Race Bike**

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Mods list- new orange plastics, new protaper pillow top grips, new protaper clutch lever, protaper SE big bars, Two Brothers Racing triple clamp bar mount, new All Balls Racing steering head bearings, BBR Heavy Duty stiff fork springs, new fork oil, new maxxis maxxcross tires,new EBC brake pads...
  5. Xr50 Clutch Help Needed!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, this is my first post here I just joined to talk with all of you because I'm having some issues. I bought a full out modded xr50. It has all the fixings on it, 70 forks billet extended swing arm 88 kit bbr bars 12 in rims and hydraulic disc brakes you name it it's got it. Anyways, the...
  6. KLX110 - CR85 Front End (modified)

    KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale
    Up for sale is a CR85 front end that was modified and lowered to fit the KLX110. I got this as part of a trade and will be selling these individually as this is a part out. Rods were cut to lower the stance and sit level with mod rear end. See photos for details. KX65 Front Brakes Rad Red Hub...
  7. KLX110L - What to do next?

    KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    I have a 2011 Klx 110l with full two bros pipe, pro taper bars, and uni air filter. Im questioning what i should do next so tell me your suggestions. (not looking to do anything huge such as bore kits, etc.)
  8. Starting a new crf110 full mod

    Honda CRF110
    So after reading over a vast majority of threads I've decided to take on a build. The background on this build is it's for my girlfriend. I was paralyzed in a moto wreck in 2008 and want to build a bike like I wanted to build back then. Most importantly though, I want to keep the family number...
  9. KLX 110 Full Mod *Price Lowered*

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    SOLD Kawasaki KLX 110 Mikuni VM26mm carburetor Takagawa 138+R Piston and cylinder kit 55mm Stroker crank Super Head + R Takagawa cylinder head Roller cam 4th gear drum Billet shift star 08 output shaft Manual cable clutch Marzocchi forks Set up for 160lbs Two brothers extended swing arm...
  10. 2010 KLX110L part out

    KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale
    Parting out 2010 KLX110L. All parts are in good/great shape unless said otherwise. Prices DO NOT include shipping. Paypal or postal money order only. I can do package deals, and as always, all prices are OBO. Text 7one3-53zero-123one Swingarm - $30 Will include the brake arm as well Front...
  11. Xr70 problems

    Honda CRF70
    Hey people, i bought a xr70 a few months ago and i have put a couple parts on it, So one day i went to start it, and it would barely idle, I would have to have the choke on it just to start it and have the choke on for 5 minutes just to get it warmed up enough so it dosent stall out, And when...
  12. Anyone have xr/crf70 stiff fork springs?

    Honda CRF70
    Hey guysss, Im trying to build up my 70 here and im on a budget, does anyone have stiff fork springs for a good deal? I dont care what brand but for a good price ill buy them-Thankss
  13. Wanting KLX110 Mod, for Custom-Built PC Bundle

    Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    I have a fully-custom built PC I want to trade for a Mod KLX110. This features a six-core 3.2GHz processor, SSD, 16GB Ram, 2TB Storage, and windows 7. I built this rig for 3D modeling, and Photoshop work. This will provide the perfect set-up for someone looking to advance in the computer arts...
  14. first MN spring pit ride HD video/post your fresh vid/pics also!!!

    Roost Area
    Well here in mn the weather still dosnt know what it wants to do and they're saying there could be more snow on the way!... so i took my 110 for a 1st season ride despite the rain/sleet...ill post some more vids of new ramp and more when the weather gets nice if it ever does... if anyone else...
  15. WTB Kx 65 Brakes Wheels etc

    Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    I want to convert to KX65 brakes, wheels, and front suspension. I have BBR SuperComp Swinger right now. Need full front end and whatever adapters for the rear. Please help Thanks BJ
  16. a TON of good mod parts + some stock

    CRF50/CRF70 Parts For Sale
    BBR gold triple clamp - $40 shipped Like new. No scratches. Also have bars to go with this if needed. It's in the picture with the semi complete chassis. Can get close up pics if needed. Fast 50s HD front wheel with HD spokes - $50 shipped Red on rim is a bit faded, and there is no bearings...
  17. 2003 xr 50 worth it?

    hello i recently purchased a 2003 xr 50 for 600$ just wondering if you guys think it was a good deal. the profile picture is a picture of the bike. it has thew following after market parts: takegawa 88cc big bore kit, 24mm carb, k&n air filter, fast 50s billet wheels, bbr front forks, fox air...
  18. Sick MOD 50 parts!! CHEAP! =)

    CRF50/CRF70 Parts For Sale
    Hanebrink complete front end with or without wheel, w/ Hayes brakes (it has a kit that converts your stock based wheel into a disc brake wheel). Also comes with tapered steering bearings. The front wheel is a Fast 50s wheel. $SOLD!!! Fast 50s red wheels with Buchannon HD spokes. Rear...
  19. XR50 Stock/Mod Build

    Alright, so it seems you guys know a lot about this stuff and I could use some help. I've been trying to set my 50 up so that it is as fast a as I can make within the stock/mod class. (Yes I have gone through a bunch of forums but they all seem to be about replacing parts that I can't for...