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  1. NJ MiniGP
    Ladies and Gentlemen, You are hearing correctly. The MiniGP 12hr Endurance race is being held on April 25th! The details are as follows. Location: New Jersey Motorsports Park 8000 Dividing Creek Road Millville, NJ F1 Karting Liberator Course Date and Time: April 25th...
  2. Roost Area
    Anyone got any pics or videos of mini tracks in Cali? Like Milestone, porterville, DT-1, Gorman, etc... Would love to see some
  3. Misc Items for Sale
    I am looking for MiniMoto Magazine issues from 2007-2008. Let me know what you have and how much you want for them. Thanks.
  4. KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    Does anyone have tips on some TTR 110 mods? Pics would be cool. Already has the following and looking at adding suspension, extended swingarm and extended forks. 2008 TTR 100 FMF full ti-exhaust GYTR Cam GYTR footpegs GYTR billet covers GYTR high seat Black plastic Protaper bars Senge...
  5. Misc Items for Sale
    I planned to go to vegas this yr for the sx and mini moto, but my g/fs college graduation is on friday may 4th, day before the sx, we can't get a flight to get out there to make the race. I have 2 sx tickets (section 223), and 2 general admission tickets for minimoto on sunday. Asking $300...
  6. Roost Area
    wondering how big the mini moto scene is down in az, I'll be moving down there in Oct and attending MMI just wanting to know if it's a big as scene as WA or OR? If you have a track or a riding spot post some pics or vids! I'm not bringing my bike just plan on buying one and building it while...
1-6 of 7 Results