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  1. Bigger Minis Forum
    I bought 04 kx85 wheels on eBay…. I have a 2012 klx140 and a 2019 klx140G. I wanted to put the 14/17 wheels on the G like my reg klx140 but based on a couple threads I saw kx85 wheels also fit, scored a set pretty cheap and trying to fit them and they are not the right size? What’s the best way...
  2. KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    I am thinking about trading my pristine condition 2011 klx110l with a pro circuit pipe, tall bars, clamps, tall seat, and plastics and graphics for a stock 2011 klx140l with two bros pipe. I barely ride my 110 any more and i have a few decent trails behind my house, so it would be fun to have a...
1-2 of 2 Results