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  1. Crf110 rear shock

    Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    New to the forum here. Looking for a 2018 or older crf110 rear shock. Can't seem to find any that are a stock length and similarly stiff
  2. Z50 after new piston and rings only has 60psi compression

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    I have an 82 Z50 that ran great but was starting to smoke so I put a new piston and ring set in and honed the cylinder. Set valves to 0.02 intake and 0.03 exhaust. However now I’m only getting 60psi compression. Bike idles just fine and runs great in neautral. But under load it can hardly make...
  3. Honda XL100SG 1986 ???

    Roost Area
    Hi everyone new in this forum, In hope to find some answers in here !! I have a honda xl100..but no any xl. A 1986. I was in the process of changing the points. I was not able on any parts site, to find a 1986 XL100S so i ordered a set for a 1985. Completely different set of point. Physically...
  4. Crf 50 2017+ Rear shock

    Hey guys, I just picked up a stock 2017 crf50 a few weeks ago. Does anyone know any shocks that fit on the the 2016 and up bikes? I heard they used smaller shocks now ,therefore the frame is a bit tighter around it. I bought a aftermarket spring and damaged the shock in the process haha, so I’d...
  5. CRF 110 Gearshift issue

    Honda CRF110
    Hi all, One for any Crf 110 Enthusiasts, I’ve had an issue for a while with my 110 struggling to select 1st gear. I’ve had it apart once and changed the small spring on the gear linkage but unfortunately that hasn’t cured it. It goes up and down the gears fine once it manages to select first...
  6. Odd Duck CT70H K1

    Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    Been lurking here on and off for a while. This is my first post. I bought a '72 K1 a while back. Vin is 2005751 DOB is 9/'71, which means it's a fairly early K1. It's something of a survivor. Just over 3K miles. Wiring is stock and never been molested. The engine has what I believe to be OEM...
  7. Crf50 build

    Crf50 build

    So over the past 2 months I have been building a bike for a awesome dude! This bike has a ton of meaning for him and his new family!!! It started out as a lightly molded crf50. I stripped this down to absolute nothing and built it all the way back up. There is only one thing I didnt touch and...
  8. CRF110 Pro Circuit Pipe w/ pic

    Honda CRF110
    Just picked up a 2020 CRF110! Thing is a beast! Got a Pro Circuit T6 and it is seriously a different bike. So much more power it is insane. Plus there is a code "VROMDANA" you can use on there website that saves you like $75 off a 110 pipe.
  9. Honda Gorilla Clone

    Honda Gorilla Clone

  10. Monkey Z50J F/S

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Honda Monkey Z50J-deep purple-1999 KITACO Head Carburetor Kit KEIHIN PC Φ20 KITACO Standard Air Funnel 34 SP TAKEGAWA e Stage Light Bore up Kit 81cc KITACO High Camshaft Special KITACO Super Oil Pump Kit 12V MONKEY Oil Cooler 3-stages Core Protector KITACO Power Rev CDI 2 SP...
  11. 2018 CRF110F - Like New - Built Super Stock

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Ridden twice, like new. $5500 Yoshimura Carbon Exhaust BBR Triple Clamp BBR Swingarm BBR Intake BBR 18mm Carb BBR Shock Spring BBR Fork Springs BBR Fork Damping Rods BBR Skid Plate BBR HD Spokes - front/rear Excel Takasago Rims (Black) Dunlop MX3S Tires - front/rear Renthal Gold Chain...
  12. Wanted: Crf50 / Crf70 Honda Stator Cover

    Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    Looking for a genuine Honda stator/ ignition cover. I would actually prefer if it's cut, but if not thats fine too. Location: Marietta, GA. PayPal ready. Text 404-406-6818. THanks Drew
  13. 1993 Vintage Honda CT70 CT-70 Trail Mini bike 1,675 miles excellent running

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    1993 last year of the ct70's. it's in great running shape. no title but you can apply thru mail to Vermont RMV. All unmolested and original. Brand new front brakes and speedo cable. Speedo and headlight work. Has strong compression, so strong I can start it by pushing the kickstarter with my...
  14. FOR SALE: Honda XR50 (BBR Super Pro Frame, 88cc, BBR SP-5 Forks)

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Honda XR50 BBR Super Pro Frame and Swingarm Elka Shock BBR SP-5 Forks and triple clamps w/ tall handlebars BBR 88cc Big Bore Kit BBR gas cap White Bros Exhaust Blue HD Rims Sik 50s Dress up Kit Five-0 Extended Shifter Five-0 HD Pegs FIVE-0 Billet Throttle Fast 50s Tall Seat Asking $2,750...
  15. FOR SALE: Honda XR50 (Sano Bombshells, 88cc, I-Shock w/ reservoir, etc.)

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    2003 Honda XR50 Sano Bombshell Front end w/ 12" wheel and disk brake Takagawa 88cc Big bore kit Sano Frame (Powdercoated Black) Sano Swingarm I-Shock w/ Reservoir Sano Billet Throttle Sano Engine Dress Up Kit Sano Gas Cap Five-0 Tall Seat Two Bros Exhaust Two Bros Rear Brake Pedal Carbon Fiber...
  16. WANTED: 1988 z50 parts for restoration project!

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    Greeting's everyone, I am new to the site here. I'll keep this short and sweet. Just picked up a 1988 honda z50 for me and my nephew (age 2.5) to have some fun on. The engine in missing the magneto cover, and it's seem's almost impossible to find. The clutch cover has a big slab of silicone...
  17. Help identify BBR parts on a crfbucket I bought

    Came across this bike that I bought and although I'm new to the minibike scene I have a few KLX 110's that are on projects but I bought my first Honda for a CHEAPPp. It's not the best condition so far but I put the new plastics and graphics in while trying to clean up the crud on the engine on...
  18. 1980 Honda C70 Passport

    Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Located in Colorado Springs, CO You can reach me at Eight60-Two68-Three357 $650obo. A few more photos here: I just found out I'm being relocated for work and I have to unfortunately get rid of somethings. This C70 is one of the most original and complete ones...
  19. WTB: CARB & Intake manifold for Honda Z50A 1973

    Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts
    Looking for an OEM carburetor & intake manifold for a project Honda Z50. The frame is 1972 Z50 and the engine is a '73 (based on number charts). Not sure what will not fit. But if they are interchangeable with any other years, I am game. The mini bike is going to be ridden in the dirt...
  20. Honda Grom Engine Swap?

    Honda Grom / MSX125
    Whats up guys! I have xr50 thats got some stuff done to it and have always wanted to make it street legal, ,so I can mess around in town and mainly just for the heck of it haha cause why not. It has 88cc big bore kit in it now but its too much for it and over heats in literally 10 mins. I was...