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  1. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Here is another picture of my three ZB 50s..two are titled and registered. One is on a bill of sale. I bought it from someone who bought it from a guy in GA where it was titled. Florida will not register it unless I get the GA title. I called GA and spoke with them. For some reason the Georgia...
  2. Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Brand New Honda ZB50 $4550 (OBO) I am selling a very collectable Honda ZB50. This bike is brand new! It has never had gas in the tank; the 2.4 miles are from rolling it around. Minor nick in tank - see photo. The bike is on an MSO and includes the manufactures warranty card. We are located in...
  3. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Hi everyone!! I need a little help on the wiring of my ZB. Actually it is more a theoretical question, since i haven't run the engine yet, regarding the tail light and the speedo light. Following the wiring diagram attached, i found in this forum, it is shown that the speedo light connects to...
  4. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    I need your help, to decide on what aftermarket exhaust to use on my ZB project. The engine is Lifan 125, and my budget is 150-200$. Any help would be appreciated!! Regard's, Con
  5. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    If anyone wants to paint his tank and needs a good stencil for the ZB logo, i made one a few days ago, and thought it's better to share. If anyone needs an eps file with vector, so he can use on a router like i did to cut-out the stencil, leave a message with an email and i can sent it to you...
  6. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Anybody knows if any of these exhaust would fit a Honda ZB with a lifan 110 cc engine?? They sure fit Monkey/Gorilla.
  7. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Hi to all from Cyprus. Does anyone knows if there is a complete clutch kit, and where i can find it, to convert a semi-auto Lifan 110cc engine, to manual clutch? I would like to change the complete engine instead of doing that, but i cannot find the right one(110cc, manual clutch, without...
  8. Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    my grandfather purchesed this bike new at sunnyslope honda in phoenix az and used it to ride around the horse stables at the race track.has never been trail riden has 1333.0 miles and runs perfect is completly stock and original.everything but the horn works not sure why .i just put a new...
1-8 of 8 Results