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  1. Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Brand New Honda ZB50 $4550 (OBO) I am selling a very collectable Honda ZB50. This bike is brand new! It has never had gas in the tank; the 2.4 miles are from rolling it around. Minor nick in tank - see photo. The bike is on an MSO and includes the manufactures warranty card. We are located in...
  2. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Iam in need of a speedometer/headlight bracket for my ZB, like the black one shown in the photos. If anyone has got one for sale please let me know. Regards, Con.
  3. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Anybody knows if any of these exhaust would fit a Honda ZB with a lifan 110 cc engine?? They sure fit Monkey/Gorilla.
  4. 1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes
    Anyone has a ZB50 break pedal for sale?? Or any alternative i can use? Thank's Con.
1-4 of 4 Results