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  1. Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    REEG 70 Frame Kit w/ Elka rear Shock Marzocchi 110 Inverted Forks Honda XR50 motor Built by Jeff at MiniGuns as 108 stroker… 14” front wheel 12” rear wheel Bill of sale only. As this bike was used at the track as a pit bike. David 949-359-1636 San Juan Capistrano, CA $5,000 $$ make me a...
  2. Honda CRF110
    Hello, I have a 2021 crf110f and I’m planning on upgrading my fork springs and damping rods from BBR, do I need to also get longer throttle cable and break cable?
  3. Honda CRF110
    I just ordered a 2020 crf110 so I don’t have it yet but I’m wonder if I can get a way with tossing some bigger bars on with out changing the cables. or if I should just go ahead and order a whole kit? And if so what kit should I order?
  4. Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    Hey everyone, I’m Sheldon. I’ve been lurking on here for about a year and decided I would finally post. I’m currently stationed near Hurlburt field, Florida. Been riding since I was about four years old and building since I was about 12. Been wanting another 50 for quite a while now, something...
  5. Honda CRF110
    I'm looking for suggestions on turning my sons old bike into a honda fat cat. It's a 2014 crf110f about 4 months old he moved up to a cr85. I would sell the bike but the front rim was curb checked the handle bars are bent and the frame is tweaked from him jumping. So now I'm kinda stuck with...
  6. Honda CRF110
    I have a 2013 Honda 110 bone stock. I want to buy pink plastics off of ebay but they said they're for a 50 but will fit a 110. Is that true? I've owned a 50 before and it seems to me the plastics would be smaller.
  7. Honda CRF110
    I need some ideas. I put the TB132 big bore and 20mm carb on. After I bolted it on I got a loud popping noise when I put a load on the motor. I bought a new head gasket and the noise stopped. BUT........ once the motor gets warmed up and I put a load on it (2nd or 3rd gear and hit the throttle...
1-7 of 7 Results