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  1. Honda Grom / MSX125
    Does anyone own a ssr razkull?? How does it compare to the Grom or z125?? Hows the quality?? I'm not a huge fan of their pitbikes. As they dont hold up well in race conditions and there are better products for the money. I'm wondering if that's the case with their razkull. I'm not expecting a...
  2. Misc Items for Sale
    I have few sets of brand new Bridgestone BT601SS 12" race tires for sale. They are perfect for all bikes with 12" wheels. Tire compound available in soft front and medium rear and sizes are 100/90-12 (F) and 120/80-12 (R) The manufacturing date is 2016 and price is $300 per set including...
  3. Honda Grom / MSX125
    Hey everyone, New to minis but have wrenched and rode motorcycles all of my life. I've wanted a grom for a while but can't justify the price tag (sorry, i just cant) anyways, I have searched endlessly for replicas and am considering pulling the trigger on a Boom which is short for Boom...
  4. Honda Grom / MSX125
    (PIC HEAVY LINK) [RIDE NOW] ???? 20 ??????????????????????????????? CRF DIRT CAMP one day trip ???????? 24 @??????????????? ??????? - Pantip
1-5 of 6 Results