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  1. CRF50
    Hello all, I have 2 50's for playing around in the backyard (small track) and have bars, pegs, and seat on both. I like the stock height for how it keeps the bike fun at slow speeds but definitely need to do something with the shock as it bottoms out with no force. I plan on hd springs in the...
  2. CRF50/CRF70 Parts For Sale
    Part sold, thanks for looking!
  3. Import/Chinese Parts for Sale
    I recently had my frame snap while riding and have decided to part my bike out. I set up an account here because I heard this is the best place to find people that are into pit bikes. I have the following items for sale: Complete Front End ($400 shipped): FASTACE fork (720mm Long) -...
  4. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Me again Margaret, This has been quite the month for my [formerly-bulletproof] MedinaClone, heh. Thanks to tony13tyamaha for his help, first of all, who kindly put me on the right track. But does anyone know where to buy an actual rebuild kit or know actual bushing/seal dimensions of the...
  5. CRF50
    I have a 2013 ssr 125 that I recently installed a 140cc piranha in. My ssr forks are junk! Iv changed the oil, added more oil and no luck on making them stiffer. I'm debating on some fastace forks but I really don't want to spend 400 bucks. Is there any other brands that are good enough for...
  6. KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    Hello everyone im workin on a 2008 ttr110. I got a good deal on a fastace complete front end but the bearings are different size than on my ttr. The ttrs are bigger. Does anyone have a solution for this or know where i can get the right size bearings and races? Ive got all the measurements i...
  7. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    wtb inverted forks for disc brake setup pm me thks any help appreciated
  8. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Im trying to find a set of fork guards for my Fastace AS-01 forks but not having any luck? I can only find them in white? Different story (& fitment) for AS-02 & AS-03 forks they are available in black If someone could possibly measure their GPX or marzocchi (or similar Pitster Pro etc) forks...
1-8 of 10 Results