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  1. Honda CRF110
    I have a cylinder and v2 race head that I but for my Ice Bear 125cc honda Grom copy... of course it doesn't fit... so I want to find a bike that it will fit. Anybody ever try to put one on their crf110?
  2. KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    I’ve got a 2008 ttr 110 with a 128 cc big bore kit, ported head, hot cam, pod filter, and exhaust. I’ve got a size 100 main jet in it currently and it runs alright but it leans out at full throttle until the end of the rpm range. Is that an issue with the main jet or something else? And is there...
  3. Bigger Minis Forum
    I'm upgrading the engine on one of my xr100s for this race season to compete in a few more classes at my local mini moto track. I'm getting a big bore kit and really wanted the Takegawa 125 stroker kit, but they seem to be sold out everywhere. The Yoshimura kit is much more and then I found...
  4. KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale
    like new klx110 165 big bore kit used for only 10 hours then taken off before i sold the bike comes with cylinder,piston,clips,pin and brand new piston ring kit ready to be bolted onto new engine 90 obo dm or call if interested 8175222564 shipping from north texas need the the money for...
  5. Bigger Minis Forum
    Hi. Does anybody have the SX 170cc big bore kit installed on their bike? How does the bike run? Where are the parts manufactured? China? Taiwan? Indonesia? I ordered the big bore kit from SX on ebay. I got the one that uses the stock head. I'm just curious what to expect. Thanks
  6. Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes
    I installed an 88cc big bore kit on a ct70 engine. I think it's a K0. It's leaking oil around the base gasket when hot. It looks like it's coming from the top. I disassembled it and replaced the gasket with a new one. The new one leaks from the same area, but not quite as much. It also...
  7. KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    I've got a 2002 klx110 with a TB143 kit . Vm26 mikuni carb , fmf power core 4 exhaust . Pancake filter . Iv got main jets from 155 to 190 and Iv tried them all , moved the clip on the needle every which way . the biggest pilot I have is 22.5 . It backfires and it won't idle so what size pilot...
  8. Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Location: Greenville, SC For Sale: 2005 DRZ 143 in great condition. $1400 Motor has low hours since built. Bike has many extras: -Kamikaze 143cc Big Bore kit -Mikuni VM 26 carb -BBR Rev Box -Takegawa Output Shaft -CHP Manual Clutch kit -Yoshimura RS-2 Carbon Exhaust -BBR Fork Springs -BBR...
  9. CRF50/CRF70 Parts For Sale
    Was going to start a crf50 build to start racing, but unfortunetly ran out of the funds to do so. This kit is on ebay as well. $450.00 will ship for free. Will have to do a paypal transaction.
1-9 of 9 Results