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  1. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    I recently got a motor swapped ATC 70 that had no rear brakes. I ordered fresh brake shoes for the rear housing, slapped them in and ordered a rear brake cable. It has aftermarket handlebars, so I went on TBoltUSA and bought an ATC70 extended brake cable. Turns out, the cable is too long. I...
  2. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    Couldn't find much out there before I did mine so I made a quick video for any other newbies doing it for the first time. :)
  3. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    Been getting worked by this lil eBay purchase carb in the tuning game so far. This OEM Honda ATC70 carb of mine has a periscope-like body hole pointed out in photo. It looks like it should be all good & to help prevent air lock or something. I have no clue & was looking for wisdom on what...
  4. Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes
    Looking for one that needs to be rebuilt, or one in good working shape. Also not looking to spend $32,000 on it. Anyone have one laying around?
1-4 of 6 Results