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  1. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    Okay so I have been working on a build I started a few months ago (had some things come up and got set aside), but anyhoo, the motor I put in is a GDRYUAS(I believe is the name) 125cc kick start, 4spd with the wiring harness for a headlight. I'm not super knowledgeable about wiring, I was...
  2. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    Couldn't find much out there before I did mine so I made a quick video for any other newbies doing it for the first time. :)
  3. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    Bought a spare engine to practice on. Getting ready to tear into it in a few weeks. Anyone have any tips for a first timer? Parts to absolutely replace some to check? Thanks
  4. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    So I recently decided to swap in a Daytona 190 Anima FLX into my 83' ATC 70 and figured that I'd share some pics of the final results. For anyone contemplating getting this engine, do it! There is absolutely no comparison and it is an entire level of its own. I stepped up from a Pitster Pro 155Z...
  5. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    I was recently givin a atc 70 by a friend i have no idea what year it is it has a bad motor so i woukd like to swap it for a bigger motor only problem is i dont know what motor will fit the mounts i found a 110cc atv motor online for cheap but i dont want to buy anything if i dont know it will...
1-5 of 5 Results