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  1. Where to Ride
    I’m in the Jenkintown pa area please lmk if you know anywhere to ride I have a 2 stroke
  2. 2 Stroke Pitbikes
    So I'm terrible at taking before pictures, so I don't have one, but I'll start from where I am and go from there. Bought it for 300, knew it needed a top end. Cylinder is trashed, going to buy a new one. Bled the brakes, cleaned the carb, needs a cylinder, radiator hoses and shrouds. Needs a...
  3. 2 Stroke Pitbikes
    Hey guys needs some help. I bought an 05 KTM 65sx last week and when i bought it rode well. The weather was nice today in Maryland so i wanted to ride. When I started it (after the 3rd kick) it idled for a couple seconds than died. First thing i thought to do was drain the gas and mix new gas...
  4. 2 Stroke Pitbikes
    Hello all, I'm no bike mechanic but I know a few things. 2003 Suzuki RM60 won't start I need some advise. Here's what I've checked: Ambient temp around 90 F. Stock jetting. Good gas? Check. Plug does not seem fouled. Nice chocolate brown color and fairly new plug. When I kick it several...
  5. 2 Stroke Pitbikes
    Picked up this little KTM 50 Pro SR in a trade and just started working on a full bike refresh since it was a little beat up from adults riding it and being left outside. Plans: -Full chassis disassembly and clean -Chassis and swingarm repaint -New black plastics -New seat cover -Paint engine...
1-5 of 5 Results