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  1. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    I recently got a motor swapped ATC 70 that had no rear brakes. I ordered fresh brake shoes for the rear housing, slapped them in and ordered a rear brake cable. It has aftermarket handlebars, so I went on TBoltUSA and bought an ATC70 extended brake cable. Turns out, the cable is too long. I...
  2. 1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70
    I know it has happened to others here on the forum but I wasn't expecting it to happen to me. I was just finishing up my Pitster Pro 140 build and left the house for a while. I guess all that testosterone was too much for the stock atc 70 to stay away from. Apparently the two got busy and had...
1-2 of 2 Results