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  1. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    So, I have a 3 speed with reverse, 125cc lifan clone It was running fine before all of this, after tons of carb troubleshooting, but I let my friend ride it yesterday and he kept it in second while riding around cause he didn't know how to shift it, but now, it won't idle and after trying to...
  2. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Hey guys, so I'm super new to pit bikes, need some couple questions answered if possible First off, I can't get the thing to idle right any more even with adjusting the screws, won't idle steady, Secondly I bogs down with anymore then half throttle, so what size carb is best for mine? And...
  3. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    I have an SSR 125cc fully manual pit bike and my clutch is not disengaging all the way when i want to switch gears (such as put it into first gear). If i tighten the cable all the way and pull the clutch lever all the way in (which takes a lot of force to do). I am suspecting the guy before me...
  4. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    Hi I have a Ssr 125cc Fully Manual bike that i just bought but the guy ruined the plastics. I was wondering, can the Ssr use honda or any other brands plastics or do the OEM plastics only fit it? I'm also wondering whats a good way to get spray paint off of the frame metal? (I'm pretty sure its...
  5. Import/Chinese Parts for Sale
    SOLD - SOLD -SOLD two engines below have been sold. I have two used Lifan 125cc engines, both manual clutch. One has 4UP shift pattern. (Gray) The other 1DN3UP shift pattern. (Black) Comes with a carb, manihold, ignition coil and CDI. Both were running fine when removed from the bikes. $50...
  6. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    when i put the flywheel to T the cam sprocket lines up with the notch at 9 o'clock but when i let go of the flywheel it moves to F every time. any ideas? p.s bike runs like s**t
  7. Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    i have a lifan 125, im trying to split the case and it wont split, the rod scoured the wall pretty good creating one peice, im guessing this is why it wont split? any ideas
  8. Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models
    Custom Motoped Pro for sale January 2015 frame build date. NEVER RIDDEN - fuel has never even been in the tank! check out the CL link for more info! 2015 CUSTOM MOTOPED PRO - 125cc Lifan - BUILT 2015 CUSTOM MOTOPED PRO - 125cc Lifan - BUILT $3000.
1-8 of 9 Results