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    Hello everyone! We are manufacturer of retrofit electronic fuel injection (EFI) kit for small spark ignition engines. Our current system is suitable for 4-stroke, single cylinder engine, with capacity between 100 to 125cc. The kit comes with the following components: 1. Fuel injector 2. Fuel...
  2. 2 Stroke Pitbikes
    hi i was just wondering if any one knows is somebody makes a dual exhaust mod for a 2003 kx100?
  3. Bigger Minis Forum
    I have A 2007 crf 100 with a crf 150 front end and a mod motor. I want to put A tk racing linkage on it and a bbr heavy shock spring but im not sure how they will act with eachother. im a big guy so it needs to be stiff and I don't want it to be softer. anyone help me out?
1-3 of 3 Results