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Z50A Hardtail Replica
Undecided as of now. Either Black or Gunmetal
I am just starting the build process of this bike. It will be all new parts and full road registered. Most of the parts will be china items but I have put in a lot of research to make sure the parts will last.
2012 "Honda" Z50A Hardtail Replica (Undecided as of now. Either Black or Gunmetal)


I will be using a z160HO engine as the powerplant. It has a 6 plate clutch with Daytona style basket. The front sprocket will be a 15T420 and the rear will be a 29T420. I am going to use an OKO 26mm Flat Slide carby with #36 pilot jet and a #100 main, this will be combined with a 1/4 throttle.
I will be using an aftermarket headlight with a speedo and ignition barrel built into the mold. The speedo will read up to 120kmph. The electrical system will be a 12V system and I will use LED lights where possible to keep the bike as bright as it can be on idle. By law I am required to run red reflectors at the rear of the bike so I will blend them into the design once I start assembly.
I will be using a Cafe racer style seat with a reinforced replica K2 frame. The forks will be replica K2 style forks with a disk brake front hub. Cafe racer style bars will be used which fit in the original style "monkey" bar holders. An 8" rear disk brake will be used.
Hard tail and HD front.
Wheel and Tire
I will be using 8x2.5 rims with 8x3.5 Michelin S83 tyres front and back.


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