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Showcase cover image for Honda Z50 K1

General Information

Z50 K1
....will be blue/white
Bought it with no tank, no seat and running very rough.....bought a few parts but for personal reasons the "project" came to an halt.
Now, since last year I started again little by little (on a retired $$$ basis) trying to "restore it.
Since this pic was taken a few new parts have been installed and a bunch of new ones are coming from CHP.
I leave in Canada and it is very difficult to get parts here.... and many of the Americans ( for some strange reason) do not ship here....or do it at a very expensive rate... With some research I found CHP and they have been good.
Soon will post an updated photo.... I mean not many things have changed ....
Now.... for those of you who don't know.... The K2 (exported from Japan to other than USA) don't have the foot brake.... so they look like the US K1 but with no battery. Me and my wife use to have one back in Europe (was our way of transport... believe it or not) when we got married) and I had troubles with this one because as far as I knew there was no foot brake and no Battery ... So I assume it was a K2 ... anyway long story short... now I know exactly what this one is and actually it has a battery and the rectifier..... another part I didn't know existed!!
1970 Honda Z50 K1 (....will be blue/white)



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