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General Information

Really good condition for the age when I got it this year. Looks to be original paint as its faded over time but still looks great. Came with lifan engine swap already which was slipping gears so I replaced with 140cc oil cooled piranha engine. Should of stuck with another 125 or smaller the 140 sucks gas like crazy. I can safely go 35 miles on the tank before having to fill up. Which is why I added the sub tank on the side of the frame. Gives me an extra 15 miles now. Basically the bike is all stock but for engine, exhaust, rear rack and sub tank, and added mirrors for safety. Its so old does not have mirrors or signals and I dont not need those either to drive it on the streets. But I personally need to have mirrors.

The rack was just installed so on longer rides I can carry more fuel in a bag strapped to the rack. So keeps from weighing down my neck and shoulders now.

Bike handles all right, suspension sucks. Especially at high speeds which can be over 60 mph
Seat is super soft probably my favorite.

It is the older type that has something like a silver vin plate tag I guess the very first ones have that. The vin tag mentions 1969 too but my registration says 1970. So I think its a rarer type too.

As of right now over 84000 miles on the odo
1979 Honda CT70



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