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  1. Grease / lube - for forks, head set etc.

    That’s what I use on my axles and what not, i just wasn’t sure if a different type was used on the bearings. Thanks
  2. Grease / lube - for forks, head set etc.

    I tore a 04crf50 to the frame cleaned it up a little and I am going to put it back together but was wondering what people use for lube and grease. First I’m putting New springs and fork legs in the stock forks. What kind of grease and about how much . Are usually use maxima waterproof marine...
  3. China bike frame and a Honda 50 motor?

    Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion
    ok the other thing is There’s two brand new 12 inch wheels that came with the frame the wheels already have would I figure out if the forks that I have are capable of running the 12 inch wheel?
  4. Ttr125 flat track?

    Bigger Minis Forum
    my 5year old is flatvtrack racing and I️ was thinking of Setting up a TTR 125 for flat track I was wondering if anyone was flight tracking their bike and what tires they were using.
  5. Klx110l new clutch cable after pro taper kit installed??

    KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90
    So I hey per tapered Bar kit for my calyx 110 and first of all the bolt that hooks the triple clamp to the lower bar mount is 17 mm instead of 10 mm like the instructions say so it’s hard to get a socket on it to tighten it down and less I was doing something wrong . Second instructions do not...