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  1. HELP! Ignition failure keeps happening.

    This is the response I got from minimob. They had told me about the heat issue before when I ordered a replacement takegawa inner rotor stator few years ago the first time it happened. You're right, 90% of stator failures are a result of excessive heat. Aside from regular operation, excess...
  2. HELP! Ignition failure keeps happening.

    Ive had three ignition failures on my bike now and need to figure this out asap. first time was my Takegawa inner rotor kit, the stator looked like it over heated and burst out the resin kinda stuff, $300 from minimob racing and i was back out on the track. Few years later I have the engine...
  3. Back yard track build

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    If we saw more pro's having fun at the practice track on minis like back in the early days it would help the mini scene On a more serious note I keep burning up ignition for some weird reason stock honda and takegawa inner rotor. I can only think of two reasons #1 stator is getting too hot from...
  4. What is a mini?

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    Most of the rules came from mimimoto supercross races that went down in Vegas. air cooled 4 stroke engine Open cradle frame Up to 12" wheels I believe 14" was mid size class but don't quote me on that! that's pretty much the fundamentals but then there are stock class, full mod class etc
  5. OSET MX-10 as an "Adult" Pitbike?

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    I would like to know how the power compares to a adult built Honda 50? I remember seeing electric conversions for minis when I first came to PM a motard guy had a sick bbr bike with a electric conversion that went really well. Been saying it for years but electric minibikes are great for...
  6. Tire sizes

    Your local motocross shop should have some 10" tires that will be a little larger in width and will be like a proper MX knobby pattern than the stock Honda tires
  7. Rear end set up for small jumps?

    100lb kid your be fine with the H D front and rear spring but if you start bottoming out your want to upgrade
  8. Need help finding Carb Boot. $60 for a replacement!

    I'm pretty sure it's a takegawa part only, there are also kitaco intakes that has it's own boot too! The bolt holes are different on almost all intakes of different brands. There are a couple different lengths of the takegawa intakes if memory serves me correctly, I have had best results with...
  9. Back yard track build

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    No photos but I rode the 50 today!
  10. need advice on crank for 88tb stock head build

    It will make more power but your need a little bigger carb, more CC's more noise even with stock exhaust
  11. Back yard track build

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    Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh ok so going back over these threads and photos I've posted over the years really makes me want to ride, I have had to go back to a stock flywheel and ignition system on the fast50s bike and need to tweek the jetting for that, plus the engine is fresh, just run in time with a...
  12. The death of PM

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    I haven't been on in a long time, it took me a few years to fix my bike and in that time I lost a best friend racing MX and it's messed with me a little and no longer ride, i love motocross it's a huge part of my life and still watch the races. The Mooie Compound is still here but since I got...
  13. Looking for info on Slowracer 70 frame.

    Honda CRF70
    All I know is the head angle was reduced to turn better than the stock Honda geometry. Probably has a +1" frame, that just means it's longer 1" in the front. Pretty sick I like 70s when there done Swingarm your have trouble finding 70 parts as not many companies made 70 parts, the crf110 is...
  14. Stratos SR6 seals HELP!!!!!!

    Was you able of find seals for the SR6 forks? I had a set back in the day and loved them best mini fork apart from the speed forks but only cos they are shorter. I got mine from new from a forum member "PIMPINDAHOES" factory motorsports I think he use for his business name, (might had spelt it...
  15. Stolen bikes in central CA

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    Aghh mate, i feel your pain that sucks.